Brno Festivals: Balloon Jam and Ignis Brunensis 2008

In Brno, Czech Tourism, Travel on May 23, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

[to be updated on May 24] Among the numerous late May events thanks to which the city will never sleep 🙂 (this and next week) is the Balloon Jam [left]. It attracts thousands of people, even though they only get to witness the unpacking of the balloons and the preparation works and the takeoff, which put together takes an hour or so… My photo gallery from tonight is here, captions in English…

And then, several evenings will be devoted to Ignis Brunensis firework competitions. Of course, a twenty-minute show itself would not attract enough people, so there are open-air performances of Brno theaters taking place, fairs, shows for kids, meet-the-cops and meet-the-firemen presentations, concerts, unusual skill contests, like Segway races, etc.

Of course some people’s idea of fun is taking advantage of the fact that more pubs are open and more beer is served and bigger crowds are flooding the streets. I saw way too many drunk idiots tonight…


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