Avoid Being Ripped Off By Prague Cab Drivers

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It is a widely known fact that cab drivers in Prague rip people off. They overcharge on airport-to-center rides and they are even worse when it comes to short rides in downtown Prague. One of them even did this to Mayor of Prague Pavel Bem who posed as an unsuspecting tourist.

I am surprised tourists even use the services of Prague cab drivers. I know, it is more comfortable if you have large luggage, but is it really that big a deal? If you come to some European capital, you should try public transportation: I do it everytime I am in Berlin, Barcelona, Bratislava, Vienna, or elsewhere. I am not an environmentalist, but it feels good knowing that you do something for clean air in a city you just visit, or that you ride with normal folks of that particular town… Plus, airport shuttle buses usually do not have any stops so there is really no difference between a cab and a bus.

Sure, the Prague Aiport shuttle bus DOES have some stops along the route, but the aiport is so close to the city that you shouldn’t be bothered…

So next time you come to Prague as a tourist, seek DPHMP (Prague Transit Authority) booth in Terminal 1 and buy a ticket of your choice and a comfy bus will get you to the city. If you are literate, you can read a map and find your way just anywhere… 🙂 Better than being pissed off because of a SOB-cabbie…


5 Responses to “Avoid Being Ripped Off By Prague Cab Drivers”

  1. The Czech Republic doesn’t have a monopoly on crooked taxi drivers.

    I’ve been to many different countries and I’d say most taxi drivers anywhere I’ve been to are not to be trusted.

    For example I had a cab in Hanoi try and chrge me 5 times more than he should (I’d done the trip before, so I knew how much it shoul have cost).

    Another time in Melbourne I was taken many kilometers out of the way for what should have been a 2km trip.

    I hate using taxis.

  2. Melbourne, Australia? A civilized country? Really?

    The sad difference, I think, is that Czech cab drivers dominate the Beware of This and That when it comes to the Czech Republic. I am sure there are things in Vietnam or Australia (snakes, the nonexistent ozone layer, perhaps?) that people should be aware of…

  3. Petre, why do you mention that old story with Pavel Behm? Its’ almost a 2 or 3 year old story, and things have changed in the meantime. Last month, for example, I took a cab from Mala Strana to the airport for 420 CzK, and the way back was for 480 CzK. Fair isn’t it?

  4. Yeah, that sounds alright. I had to mention it even though it is an old story, because it is a UNIQUE story. I don’t think this would ever happen to Guiliani, Bloomberg, Livingstone, or other Mayors of major cities….

  5. […] Czech Daily Word writes about cab drivers and public transportation system in the Czech Republic. Posted by Veronica Khokhlova Share […]

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