Does This Country Need a Kick In The Head? Socialists Are Getting Stronger Due To Health Reform

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This country has a big problem. According to a recent voter preference poll social democrats would win Parliamentary elections, if they were held this week. The senior governing coalition party, Civic Democrats, are losing mostly due to healthcare reform, part of which are mandatory fees that Czechs must now pay.

The problem is that social democrats have no healthcare policy.Their only policy is to make sure that low-income under-educated and often simple-minded voters would like them. And while they are loved by their socialist voters, this socialist party politicians can do their totally right-wing and un-socialist businesses.

This country needs reforms and reforms do hurt. But an average Czech voter who tends to be rather “left oriented” is rather stupid. All he or she cares about is here and now and the social democrats will happily offer him or her cheap solutions. And the result?

SOURCE: news server

CSSD / yellow color / social democrats
KSCM / red color / communists … both parties are the current parliamentary opposition
…but put together they now have 54 percent

ODS/ blue color / Civic Democrats … PM Mirek Topolanek’s party
SZ / green color / The Green Party
KDU-CSL / black color / Christian Democrats …these parties form the current coalition/government 

I know that the idea of social state might work under certain circumstances, but a combination of this country, some of its people and the Czech mentality is lethal. Social democrats give some people the idea that they can be lazy and that they don’t have to try to work, and that they don’t have to be the creators of their own destiny…hell no, the social democratic government will take care of you.

Czech social democrats think that people who make too much money should show some solidarity with those who don’t. And they like to stress it quite often… Well, fuck them because anybody who doesn’t like their job can quit and find a new one.

Today the Constitutional Court ruled that the healthcare fees that patients now must pay are NOT unconstitutional, like the social democrats tried to prove…


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