Teenage Smokers? More Girls Than Boys

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The Czech Institute for Public Health issued the annual statistics related to smoking, alcohol and drug use. It includes stats on teens that shocked me: when it comes to sixteen year old smokers, there are more girls than boys. Plus, girls are catching up in terms of alcohol as well…

Half a decade ago, the numbers of boys who would start smoking at the age of fifteen to sixteen had been increasing due to, let’s say, emancipation of society when the necessity to be seen became extremely important for young people. Suddenly the economy was doing pretty well and kids who had everything they wanted started to see they were not alone anymore. More and more kids were like them and so a cigarette was the next step. And I think somehow this trend survived until the year 2008.

Cool clothes won’t impress anymore. Everybody wears cool clothes. Many kids, especially in Prague, have better and more expensive cell phones than any middle-class businessman.

Even sociologists who participated in the recent research confirmed that the main reason why kids start to smoke is that they want to fit in. I beg to differ: I would say that at first they want to impress and stand out, only to fit in the group of those who already smoke afterwards… Because one who does not smoke can’t hang out with the gang…

What I don’t get is why GIRLS feel like they need to fit in by smoking. There are so many things they can impress by: preferably by a combination of looks and personality and hobbies… OR: if they are shallow enough to think that a cigarette will do the job, they might as well start giving blowjobs [pardon me, couldn’t help it]. It is just as crazy, it is just as life threatening, and it will get all the attention of sixteen year-old males.

Another interesting thing is that still more and more people who find themselves higher on the social ladder [college grads, or students, for that matter] enjoy nargiles [shishas, water pipes]. They like to bring them as souvenirs from Turkey and other places. According to the institute’s findings, young Czechs have inaccurate information about these pipes: One session can last two hours and a smoker inhales over 200 liters of smoke. It does not burn that much so he or she can inhale deeper. Plus the mixtures do not provide information on the adverse effects of smoking on the packaging. And the fruity taste makes it look harmless. The opposite is true, the institute writes.

How typical. Instead of giving up cigarettes, Czechs find a new thing to smoke… I hope all the smokers die before they hit the retirement age, so that the state does not have to pay them their pension…


One Response to “Teenage Smokers? More Girls Than Boys”

  1. I agree with the fact that people do it to impress others and not really themselves!

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