UPDATED: Nude Beach In Yellowstone National Park?

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Here is an idea: there should be a beach in Yellowstone National Park. People would be allowed to walk around naked or lie on their blankets and towels, but they would not be allowed to swim in any of the lakes.

Sounds crazy? This is exactly what is happening in Brno. Here. This former quarry and its surroundings are a natural reserve with some endemic species of flowers and grasses.

Nudists like to come there even though the area has never been declared as a recreation area, of course. People are not forbidden to ENTER, so if they decide to lose their clothes and catch a tan it does not bother anyone.

The season started yesterday because it was 28°C.

Which brings me back to the original idea: what can be more symbolic for the, let’s say, nudist philosophy than a nude beach in a national park? 🙂

UPDATE:: Obviously I know less about U.S. geography than I thought. As Jim comments on this post and explains, it is too cold to be naked there in any season. So that was a bad example. So let’s say Mount Rushmore? Bryce Canyon? I know, not really green and grassy around there…


3 Responses to “UPDATED: Nude Beach In Yellowstone National Park?”

  1. You’d freeze to death in Yellowstone as a nudist. Do you know how cold it is? It’s still snowing almost every week.

    However, you CAN go swimming in the dead of winter. There is a place called the Boiling River where you can swim in January even though it can be very, very cold.

    So, Yellowstone is always just the opposite. The only place to be nudist is in the water. You might want to put your clothes on BEFORE you get out (that’s a joke).

  2. Uh-oh, stupid me. I did not know that they don’t get the real summer in “this part of the world” [GWB] … I have to update the post…..DONE!

    Thanks to Jim for the explanation…

  3. don’t underestimate the boiling river in Yellowstone…the steam and hot water in the middle of winter combined with the lack of familes and snot nosed kids…you never know when you might get to see a toned hottie sliding up and down on her man…too bad we don’t plan these adventures…i have personally had sex in this highly erotic place….dont pass it up!

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