John McCain and Kevin James Should Learn About Czechoslovakia

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I know it is a little unfair to criticize other countries’ politicians, especially when it comes to elected representatives, because saying “Mr. X is an idiot” is a little like saying that his voters are idiots.

But I think it is fair to say that there are levels on which John McCain is not that bright and strong. As reports, John McCain still thinks that Czechoslovakia exists.

How come some American presidents and presidential candidates have so much trouble with geography issues? Dubya recently had problems with Austria/Australia confusion…

On the other hand, you gotta admire John McCain’s life story and his POW “adventure”, so I am pretty sure that his voters might wanna ignore some of his foreign politics and foreign policy flaws. Despite the fact that it might be ironic that he is willing to negotiate on the U.S. missile shield with non-existent country..

On a related matter…

KRLA 870’s own Kevin James behaves like an idiot (I can’t say he IS an idiot because he is a former lawyer and he might sue me)… I am sure you have seen the Hardball live interview where he made a complete ass out of himself, trying to pretend he knew what he was talking about for five minutes. The topic of the interview was 1938, Hitler vs. Chamberlain and Czechoslovakia. I “love” when certain American book-smart pundits analyze European issues… They like to offer European analogies and contexts so that they look smarter. From what I can read in Kevin James’ résumé, he has never been to Europe. How can you be a credible political commentator when you sit at a radio station and have you college interns do research for you.


2 Responses to “John McCain and Kevin James Should Learn About Czechoslovakia”

  1. I was in the Czec Republic 4 yrs ago. I loved it. I stayed in Prague and Karlovy vary. It was amazing, which part are you from?

  2. […] Czech Daily Word reports that John McCain “still thinks that Czechoslovakia exists.” Lituanica reports that […]

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