Simpsons Theme Restaurant In Prague: Did Groening Okay This?

In Entertainment, Law, Media on June 3, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Apparently, there is a restaurant in Prague that is named after Homer Simpson. In Czech it is called U Houmra, which is phonetic Czech for Homer’s.

Not only that, its website contains many pictures of Matt Groening’s characters, especially scenes that are somehow related to food and drinks. There are also sounds taken from the Czech-dubbed version of the series.

So the restaurant is using the Simpsons brand to make money.

Journalists should not jump to conclusions but I have a hard time believing that the restaurant would get prior written consent from the creators of the show, from FOX Television, from the Czech Television etc. That is an enormous amount of legal paperwork, to say the least. Why would the creators allow the use of the yellow family for somebody else’s profit free of charge?

I think I am going to look into this…


2 Responses to “Simpsons Theme Restaurant In Prague: Did Groening Okay This?”

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  2. Nooo, they have 400grams of food for like $5. Don’t ruin it for us 😀

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