Prague Will Not Host 2016 Summer Olympics

In Sports on June 4, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged:

The list of the cities that want to host the 2016 Summer Olympics was narrowed down to four, and Prague was among the three that did not make it. I must say I am kinda glad because I am positive that is would be too early and “we” would not manage to build all the necessary facilities on time.

No reason to cry over this, the Mayor of Prague said. We did not have high hopes about the year 2016, the important thing is that we let the world know that we WANT to host the Games.

Technically, saying that PRAGUE will be the host city is not entirely true. According to an unoffial list of venues, some sports events would take place in the town of Brno, which is almost a three-hour drive from Prague, and some would even take place in Ostrava, which is all the way across the country to the north-east. Talk about “Prague”… I know that it is almost never the case that one city hosts all events [where can you find rowing facilities in the middle of a town], but this would be too much…

So Czechs keep their fingers crossed for 2020.


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