Czech Greenpeace Declare A New State Within A State

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The last reason for taking the Greenpeace seriously is gone. They are a bunch of nutcases. And some of them are idiots who should be shot dead by the Czech armed forces.

I will gladly explain…

Several weeks ago they entered the military installation in which a U.S. National Defense System radar is to be built.

And on June 2 they declared independence of the location, claiming that the radar can no longer be built there as the lands no longer belong to the Czech Republic.

Several dozen people have been occupying the territory. “We think that the entire project might contribute to global instability and international tension,” Director of Greenpeace Czech Republic Jiri Tutter said. He claims to be a citizen of Peaceland, which also makes him a nutcase.

Greenpeace press release quotes another representative as saying: “This declaration of independence is not a joke. We are taking is absolutely seriously. We shall make sure that nobody bears a gun here, which is to include Czech police and armed forces,” says Jan Freidinger, another nutcase.

Okay, so let’s talk international law, since they started it: This group of people decided to take some part of the Czech Republic away from it. The location was not a geographical entity with some level of legal status, like Kosovo, or, let’s say, the Falklands, or Gibraltar. The “citizens” had no historical ties to it, they did not live there. They just took it because they liked it. It was a military installation, for crying out loud. The coat of arms of the new coutry features a safety helmet with a Greenpeace sticker on it! They just declared some laws as being in existence, there has been no recognition of anything and by anyone, etc. etc. It is just like me saying that my street is now called Goldland and it is an independent country with visa regime with the Czech Republic…

There are democratic countries in the world where trespassers who enter a military installation can be shot dead without prior warning. So, if the Greenpeace say they really mean it, the army and the police should really mean it as well…

The ironic thing is that the Greenpeace nutcases and their new country are gladly using the services of some institutions of the country from which they stole the lands, like telecommunications companies.

I think there should be some boundaries when it comes to breaking the law in attempt to protest. You can climb a chimney of a factory that pollutes the air more than it is legally allowed. You can throw one egg at a car of a allegedly corrupt politician. But if you want to violate international law and mean it seriously, you should expect serious consequences.

So the Foreign Ministry lawyers should consider the possibilty of Jiri Tutter and his nutcase friends losing their Czech citizenships with immediate effect, since they declare they are now citizens of Peaceland, and since the Czech Republic has some legal restrictions when it comes to dual citizenship.

And if the Czech government wants its lands back from the “new country” they should send troops to its borders and make sure nobody gets anywhere. If they want independence, they might as well starve to death, too… Or maybe not. I am sure they have developed industry, farming, and just everything…

UPDATE:: Interestingly enough, the global Greenpeace [international edition] and its “news page” does NOT provide any information about this stunt

RESOLUTION OF THE SITUATION aka TIP FOR THE GOVERNMENT: Since there exists the risk that the Greenpeace nutcases will claim and declare independence of any location that the government picks, go ahead and build the missile defense installation on a private land. Let’s hope the Greenpeace nutcases know that even they can not steal private property.

UPDATE JUNE 9, 7:00 p.m.: The military police conducted a bust on these people and expelled all of them from the location. They now face criminal charges…


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