Crime And The Lack Of Punishment

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I said it before and I will say it again: the Czech penal code sucks. Legislators should take the text of the law, go section by section and multiple the sentences for individual intentional crimes one by one…

There is a man from Slovakia who raped and killed a nine year-old boy. And apparently his criminal record includes several child abuse crimes from the past. He was ordered a special treatment but then he decided to skip it and flee. He worked in the Czech Republic, having changed some digits of his personal ID number.

It turns out he might not even go to a regular jail if a team of shrinks finds out he is a paedophile. It is an internationally known fact that child molesters are having tough time in jail, usually the inmates make these guys their bitches. I can imagine that humanistic-thinking Czech judges will NOT send him to a regular jail because of the fear that he may die there…

This would be the right time to explain that we do not have juries. At all. And I don’t think we will have them in decades to come.  About  two years ago I interviewed the Supreme State Prosecutor and asked her what she thinks about juries. She said she didn’t think that our legal system is not mature enough for this non-professional element.

Which brings us back to the penal code issue: a Czech bus driver who caused an accident in which his own son died will most definitely go to jail, even though the punished himself enough already. The aforementioned man allegedly [presumed innocent until found guilty, even though he told the cops he did it] killed a boy and his imprisonment is not a sure thing…


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