Thousands Of Czech Teachers Were On Strike Yesterday

In Economy, Education & Science on June 10, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Thousands of Czech teachers were on strike on Monday.

For better salaries. They claim that the government’s economic reforms makes their net wages lower than they were before the reform. Well, that DOES sound like a legitimate reason for a strike.

But then there were people who went on strike just because they think their salaries are low.

As a liberal person in terms of economy, I must say: if you do not like your job because of the low salary, nothing stops you from quitting and finding a new job.

But as a future father of two pupils slash students I agree that teachers should be motivated to become teachers. Not just but the pure fact that they feel it is the right job for them, but also by the fact that they can smile [or at least smirk] when they see their paycheck every month.

And so, both parties of the clash are making mistakes. One: the government for not being able to communicate with the screamers. And two: the teachers who behave like there was no other job in the world.


2 Responses to “Thousands Of Czech Teachers Were On Strike Yesterday”

  1. But Petr, there’s a famous saying that those who can’t, teach. (I like to think about that as I enter the latter stages of grad school in anticipation of a teaching career.)

  2. Well, this quote, I think, applies to PhD students (graduate studies) in the Czech Republic. There are two kinds of people: some graduate and start pursuing their professional lives doing what they studied, and some stay in school and they devote their time to “studying what they studied to study” [this is not a mistake]. These people are unusable for a normal life…

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