The One With The List

In Entertainment, Love, Personal on June 11, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

Remember the episode of Friends when the male characters would make lists of five famous people who they would like to, eh, be romantically or physically involved with, or both?

It is always interesting how “real actors” are named in the sitcom world…e.g. when a person named Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer in the Friends world names Kim Basinger as one of the girls [sic!] he would like to be intimate with…

Why couldn’t they rather say “this is a list of girls I would save from a burning building”. That is what I would say 🙂 And despite the popular opinion that Czech girls are the most beautiful girls in the world, I have to say that Colleen Haskell is Colleen Haskell and Kristin Kreuk is Kristin Kreuk… 🙂


One Response to “The One With The List”

  1. Because Hollywood projects the ideals of a single track that do not serve society in the least but serve their ratings. If things were tamer, they presume that attention will decrease, which is true for their society. Sadly.

    I wish the questions would’ve been directed towards strengthening the family units, focusing on education and future instead of immediate and useless “gratification”. And this word is a stretch.

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