Tri sestry. A Czech Band That Is Full Of Shit. Literally

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There is a Czech band named Tri sestry, which means Three sisters. It is just a name. There are predominantly male members, and they play what I like to call primitive beer rock. Their tunes are said to be catchy, but they are primitive, and everytime I hear them I imagine men who are totally wasted and throwing up all over themselves. I think a songwriter who writes songs about praises to alcoholism [despite the fact that he does not mean it] should have his head examined.

But it gets worse… their last album includes a song that is called Toi-story. “TOI” is a brand name of portable toilets that are erected for public use during open-air events where normal facilities are not available… And the song is about a drunk guy who fell asleep while sitting on the toilet…

Another name for this song is Pribeh sracek, which means [loosely translated as] A story of shit(s).

I think the band should have this name on all of its albums…


3 Responses to “Tri sestry. A Czech Band That Is Full Of Shit. Literally”

  1. This is a pretty good track…Those TOI facilities are rugged…we’ll be going with some better kept porta potti facilities…

  2. Yeah, writing about something you don’t understand at all.. Good job.

  3. okay they realy do suck my friend dominik and i both say so and i might not be Czech but being Romainian i can pick up most of the words in thier songs and well they are so messed up


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