Anti-Globalization Rally: Is This Police Brutality?

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[updated Monday June 16] I gotta start by saying that I do not share the beliefs and opinion of Greenpeace, anarchists and similar anti-globalization and anti-capitalism movements that met in Brno Saturday at ProtestFest. A festival that was focused on global warming this time. They marched through town. The march was approved. And: now for photo number one:

This amateur photographer was standing in the middle of the street and when he did not respond to a cop telling him to get away, four riot unit cops jumped out from a van and got him. And photo number two:

This girl wanted to use a bathroom at a gas station that these cops were protecting. She went there despite being told [I assume] to keep walking with the crowd. I am sure nothing would happen if the cops let her go pee… MORE PHOTOS FROM THE MARCH AND THESE INCIDENTS CAN BE FOUND HERE…

Other than that, the anti-capitalism meeting was ridiculous in several ways: a) most attendees left when the bands stopped playing because they were there just for the music. You could see they were trendy-clothes wearing youth who do not give a shit about globalization. And b) the entire anti-globalization event can be described as globalization everywhere you look: some organizers used cell phones, they used Ford cars that are manufactured all over the world, some people drank Coca Cola, some wore brand-name jeans… If these young and agry people are SO anti-capitalism [not all of them, of course, but some groups that attended the event] they should stop using ALL services and amenities that are somehow related to capitalism. Which means they should eat what they grow, they should stop shopping, they should stop using gas (RWE Group’s) etc.

MONDAY UPDATE: these two incidents are not mentioned in newspaper articles. Only one briefly mentions the gas station incident saying that it was closed anyway. So why didn’t the cops say so? The girl would not bother… Strange…

4 Responses to “Anti-Globalization Rally: Is This Police Brutality?”

  1. Hi, I saw both incidents. The guy was asking for it till we left the crossroads by Rondo. Maybe he want to be a “paparazzi” but he was pain in the a$$ of drivers and policemen. The cops were maybe a little hard on him, but I didn’t see what exactly went on on the crossroads.

    Just a few steps before the gas station the girls passed me. I heard one of them saying that there are some handsome guys amongst the cops :-))
    When they made first effort to pass riot cops guarding the gas station, they were thrown away quite rudely. Then the police chief told his men to let them go. Instead of walking calmly through police line, one of the girls tried to run around the police van. A cop behind the van had no idea about his chiefs orders so again…rough reaction. They tried it several times till they get to gas station WC, where two cops with a dog stopped them. If the girls act calmly, everything would be ok, but instead of this the cops faced screaming and swearing women and pushed them away :-/

  2. Thanks for the detailed info! I saw the incidents too, but not what happened right before them. I walked with the front two cop cars the whole time, along with a fellow photographer from Lidove noviny… Sure, the guy was a troublemaker, but if a was a cop I would yell into his face like African-American cops do in the States. This guy was a weak skinny type, he would got scared a little…

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