Boys Forced To Eat Their Own Flesh, Prosecution Says

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 The court is adjourned till next Tuesday…

Two boys were locked up in a basement with no windows, in cages… and they had to eat their own flesh!!!

The worst case of child abuse in which six people are charged with several crimes (including the mother of the boys and her sister) is in court since yesterday. If convicted, they can go to jail ONLY for 12 years. There is some mystery sect behind the whole thing… Damn scary…

WARNING: Explicit description of the crimes below. Discretion advised. 

On May 7, 2007a man from the town of Kurim near Brno called the police when his baby monitor that he had to watch over his newborn son accidentally caught a footage of a naked boy locked in a basement. The police soon found this boy [Ondrej] in a nearby house. The investigation was focused on a relatively simple issue of child abuse.

But then as time and investigation went by child abuse turned into torture and sexual abuse. And it became apparent that the boy’s brother was tortured, too…

One of the key witnesses was this 30-something woman Barbora Skrlova who was also present in the house and who pretended to be a 13 year-old girl. She ran away from a facility for abandoned children to which she was placed as a 13 year-old Anna. And she ended up in Norway where she impersonated an 13 year-old boy !!! [Note: the photo is (c) Jiri Salik Slama at Blbejden blog]

Later it became apparent that the whole torture procedure was linked to a sect-like behavior in which mother of the boys, her sister, and several people from a boy scout club were involved.

The mother claims to have been brainwashed, and that everything she had done to the boys [being locked up in cages for dog, eating their own excrements, learning and memorizing obscenities…] had educational purposes. She basically pleaded guilty yesterday…

The boys experienced beating, drowning and cigarette burning. Barbora Skrlova [the one who posed as a girl – ed.] held their hands so that they would not fight back, the state prosecutor said.

Almost everything was orchestrated by the boys’ aunt. The other two male defendants who are said to have led the sect were the ones who cut a piece of one of the boy’s flesh from his buttocks.

The real motive was not revelared nor explained. The sect dimension and brainwashing is quoted most often.

Testimony of the boy Ondrej in court on Wednesday:
“There were more people. They were spanking me on my butt. I did not see them because I had a bag on my head which they tied with a string. My hands were tied, too. I was on the ground naked and they would beat me with belts or sticks. They also made me burn myself with cigarettes. It was my mother who handed me one. I burned myself five times”.

Sixty witnesses are expected to appear in court during the upcoming six weeks…

The court is in session as of 8:30 a.m. The court is reading testimonies the two boys and the defendants who tortured them made when interrogated by the police. Apparently, their mother used Rammstein CD’s to create atmosphere.

This is what the mother told the police according to the court: “I was told by Doctor [the mysterious manipulator] to do things that I could not do. That is why Turek and Skrla arrived [the two male defendants]. They said the boys needed shock treatment. So I put the Rammstein CD on and left. I heard screaming. When I came back the boys had scratches all over and they were bleeding. I wanted to treat the wounds but my sister would not let me to”.


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