Tuesday: The Biggest Strike Since 1990

In Economy, Politics on June 22, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Dozens of thousands of people will join a strike Tuesday, one that is said to be the biggest one since 1990. People will protest against government economic/financial reforms. Most of them are union members working in the public sectors [jobs that are budget-dependant] who said their real wages decreased after the reforms, despite the government’s promises they they would not. So among the people protesting in the streets will be mostly teachers, healthcare employees, etc. – but also employees of big companies in which unions have strong positions…

It should be noted that among those who will join the strike are people who are just purely dissatisfied with their financial situation but they would not do a damn thing to improve it. There is a large percentage of Czech who think that it is the government’s job to make their life great.

Which of course brings us to the majority of Czechs who will be affected by the strike [e.g. because public transportation should not operate for one hour]: people who work in the private sector. If they are not satisfied with their salaries, they ask for a raise. If they don’t get it, they leave and find a better job. People in the public sector have used to the fact that everytime they want more, they yell and they threaten to strike.

The economic reform the Czech government is introducing are LIFE-SAVING. IF they are not done, the system will fall apart in the future because there won’t be enough money in the social and healthcare systems. People will yell about having to pay a one-off fee of CZK 30 (a little over 1 euro, or $2) in a doctor’s office, but they won’t change their unhealthy lifestyles…

It is a well-known fact that these protests have a huge political aspect, since the leader of the biggest trade union is a Czech SENATOR for social democrats!!!! He had been the leader before he ran for the office and he retained this position since…

Czechs who protest against the reforms are trying to say: I don’t give a fuck about the future generation, I care about myself.


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