Child Abuse And Sexual Torture Case Continues

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This is an update to the worst case of child molestation in the history of this country, a story of two brothers whose mother, other close relatives and friends tortured them.

The court is in session today to hear important witnesses…

The proceeding is beginning to uncover what consequences some post-divorce arrangements – when it comes to custody of children – can have! Here is what the father of the two torture victims told the court:

The boys have never told me that they didn’t want to stay with their mom. They never told me that they had been at places where torture would take place. Which is why I am shocked this had taken place…

The boys’ grandmother who is charged with perjury in relation to this case also claims not having noticed anythning about the boys’ health condition that would suggest torture and abuse:

Boys will be boys. I often see them having scratches from falling while rollerskating. When the torture graduated I did not see them. My daughter told me that Doctor [the alleged mysterious manipulator] did not recommend that I see one of the boys.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY JUNE 25: Today the court heard witnesses who have had some contact with he persons involved, either with the boys (in a boyscout group) or with the adults (defendants and others). Mother of the 30-something woman Barbora Skrlova (the one who had impersonated a 13-year-old girl in this weird scenario) said her daugher has never told her of any abuse. Skrlova is also charged with child abuse claims to have been a victim of a S/M abuse as well…


Today the court heard Ditta Pokorna, the director of the asylum facility for children to which the two boys were placed after they had been found by the police. She claims she saw some strange wounds on the boys’ bodies but they said: We were stung by many hornets but we can’t talk about it. Moreover, according to her schoolmates are now making fun of the boys by cutting out newspaper headlines about the trial and arranging them on a piece of paper like “ransom notes”, creating offensive sentences…

We would like them to have a normal sibling relationship, but it is hard,” Pokorna said. “They have unadequate reactions to normal situations. For example, one of the boys all of a sudden broke a plate when we were in a restaurant. One day the two of them got in a really big fight. That’s when they told me more details about the torturing,” she said in court…

A key testimony came about an hour ago (10:30 a.m. CET):
Defense attorney: Did any of the boys tell you specifically that they had been tortured by their mother or aunt Katerina?
Pokorna: Yes. They said their mother would tie them up, but their aunt had been even more dominant, because she would give orders to her sister [the boys’ mother] about how to torture the boys.


Today the judge and the defendants, DA and attorneys watched the footage of the boys that was retrieved from the house where they had been held hostage. It was gross, one of the lawyers told journalists during a recess.

Also, the boys reportedly told the police that there might have been other children present during the torture practices!!!!!!!!

Details later tonight due to my work commitment…sorry.


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