Posters In Downtown Brno: Fags, Go Away

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Shocking posters can be found on several places in downtown Brno. They feature a slogan that says “Fags, go away” and a silhouettes of two men, one is standing and the other one is on the ground and being kicked by the first one.

The Brnensky denik daily reports that this drawing is borrowed from “white pride” campaigns.

This poster campaign is targeted against the Queer parade that is scheduled to take place in Brno on Saturday.

About four hundred people should march through downtown Brno. There have been “groups” that announced their intention to organize protest against this event but these protests were not permitted by the municipality.


One Response to “Posters In Downtown Brno: Fags, Go Away”

  1. Concerning the Parade that took place today in Brno against the Gay march, it turned also into a Racist parade by the Nazis.

    I am a student in Brno, and during the afternoon we wanted to get some lunch, so we went down Ceska near the Zara shop, and suddenly we saw so much nazis coming down this road. We didn’t know what to do, since no one told us about this.

    Suddenly they started spitting at us, throwing eggs, throwing tomatoes, and 2 of my friends also got kicked in the process. There was nothing we could do, because there was too much of them. So we went into the bookshop opposite Zara and waited in there.

    We wondered where the police were, since they should control such a big group of nazis, and this was in such a prominent location.

    It was a shocking experience. We’ve never experienced anything like it.

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