Watch Out For Naked Girls In The Streets Of Brno

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It seems like the nude-in-public soft erotica [depends on your definition] genre came to Brno. The Brnensky denik daily recently reported a girl was seen all over Brno shooting nude photos.

From what I saw, it must have been very early spring because the trees aren’t green at all.

As there are seven universities in this town, it is always full of drop-dead-gorgeous girls.

And as we have high 90’s now and the grass is green and all fountains running, there might be a follow-up. One person said in a certain discussion board that he knew the girl and that he would not be surprised.

BTW, according to law, “public indecency” means “to offend more than three people”. I wonder how the cops can determine that. Do they ask people around? Then they should ask them about their definition of “being offended”. I am sure, with all due respect to middle-aged and/or women, that the “we did not behave like that in 1950’s” or “she has a killer body and I am old and fat and saggy” should not qualify as “being offended”.


One Response to “Watch Out For Naked Girls In The Streets Of Brno”

  1. The women of the Czech Republic are absolutely gorgeous. All of them are so stunning and so exciting. I wish one day to again visit the Czech Republic and fall in love as did before. I applaud the women of the Czech Republic for being so free and fun. To be honest, if that woman would pranced naked throughout Brno the next time I visit, I would campaign to have Brno nominated as best city in Europe!

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