Islam Online: Brno Celebrates Mosque Anniversary

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I must admit I totally forgot about this anniversary, especially since I had been on vacation last week. Muslims in Brno celebrated the anniversary of opening the first mosque in a Central European country, Islam Online news server reported.

There is also one mosque in Prague. Muslims in other (smaller) cities must visit smaller prayer rooms adjusted for their specific purposes, the server notes. There are reportedly some 50,000 Muslims in this country, but the religion is not as established as it is in other countries where Muslims have a stronger voice when it comes to their very own mosque(s). In fact, a vast majority of Czechs are atheists.


2 Responses to “Islam Online: Brno Celebrates Mosque Anniversary”

  1. Its great to have a mosque in Brno, and its a very nice one!

    I think in Brno there are no problems between the communities! Thanks to the citizens of brno.

  2. […] masjid iaitu di Brno (bandar kedua terbesar) dan di Prague. Masjid Brno dibuka pada 1998. Sambutan 10 tahun masjid brno di adakan baru-baru ini. Terdapat kira-kira 50,000 Muslim mendiami Republik Czech. […]

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