Four-Day Week To Save Gas?

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Apparently, some places in the United States are attempting to compensate the huge increase in oil prices by introducing a four-day week, some bloggers noted.

Seems like one of the places where this new idea is going to be implemented is the state of Utah. Coincidentally, the place where I went to high school and where I suffered in hot days knowing there is no nude beach in the entire state.

What I think might also work for ordinary folks [and I am certain many American have found out already themselves] is some substantial lifestyle change represented by the use of Utah Transit Authority buses, or by simple walking to grocery stores and back [yes, WITH the bags], by letting kids walk to school.

Specifically in the towns of Utah, that might well work because there are sidewalks everywhere and if it is hot you can occasionally walk under a sprinkler and two blocks later you are dry again.

The gas prices will definitely affect the everlasting equation number of family members over 16 = number of cars in the driveway.

Four-day week in some sectors of public life will not affect some public budgets, just their general ledgers will look better at the end of the fiscal year.

When I was there, I would sometimes go for 10 blocks without meeting a single person on the same sidewalk.

For those who know Provo, UT, I would sometimes go from 300 North University Avenue all the way to University Mall, which is actually in Orem.

Four-day week is not a new strategy when it comes to government and public administration institutions. Which brings the idea that normal people could restrict their mileage quota by their own rules: like “I will only drive on Wednesdays and Fridays” or “Once I reach 100 miles in a particular month, I will stop driving for the rest of the month“.


UPDATE: Speaking of oil, Russia just cut its crude oil supplies to the Czech Republic by approximately 40 percent. Experts claim it is almost definitely a reaction to the treaty between the Czech Republic and USA on the construction of a U.S. missile defense radar facility.



2 Responses to “Four-Day Week To Save Gas?”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the link! I kind of like the idea of the four-day week. I wish that there were sidewalks on all the main roads here, but since it’s a rural there aren’t any and no public transportation either. Maybe these things will change as fuel continues increase in price.

  2. Yeah, like I said, this idea can not be implemented everywhere… But Utah, being the first (?) state to introduce this measure AS A REACTION to gas prices, one would think that the more-walking idea would be promoted more… especially in relation to the number of visible overweight people living in SLC or Provo…

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