Where Do Eurofunds Come From?

In Economy, European Union, Politics on July 18, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , ,

If there is anything about politics that I don’t quite understand, it is the way EU funds work. From what I have heard so far, cities, towns, villages, municipalities, firms, businesses…. GET money from them all the time.

A small Czech village needs a water treatment facility. And bang, all of a sudden the money somehow appears out of nowhere and they can start building so that almost totally clean water comes out of it to a nearby river.

The City of Brno will get close to 100 million CZK for park renovation. Old dead bushes will disappear, there will be new trees, new paths, new lawns and who knows, maybe a new pétanque spot. And the second largest Czech city which of course has more money than a small village will get the money from EU funds.

And so one has to wonder how come officials and other EU bureaucrats managed to find this money and why they gave it to a prosperous city, when there must be hundreds of smaller municipalities all over Europe, especially in Bulgaria or Romania, where they need much more important…necessities. Like public plumbing networks, for instance.


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