Soviet Red Army Vehicles Still In The Czech Republic

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THE CZECH DAILY WORD EXCLUSIVE / updated on July 22-23

Forty years ago, in August 1968, Warsaw Pact armies, especially the Soviet Red Army invaded then Czechoslovakia in order to halt Prague Spring reforms. The occupation lasted for many years and the last Russian soldier left the county in 1990.

Eighteen years later it becomes apparent that some vehicles have not been scrapped. I managed to find some.

Some of them are parked in the town of Olomouc. In an old Czech Army compound…

As you can see on a detail, the Russian signs are still visible! After eighteen years. I do speak some Russian but I can not seem to decode that sign:

The entire facility is a mess and it is obvious that is is unkempt, unused and you can tell by looking if you walk around that the buildings are months from collapsing.

as you can see on this satellite image

It is obvious that the Czech Army’s idea of good management is non existent. The facility is guarded by unarmed private security agency employees. There are no MP’s, no sentry towers, just old barbed wire.

So in other words, this is not a wall of an old house where an old Russian slogan would remain for years. This is a facility that a NATO-member military institution shall have done something about years ago.

Walking around the fence, you can see another row of tanks, these are most definitely Czech. But as for the aforementioned mess that the Czech Army is known for, notice the blue barrel ON THE ROOF on the right-hand side…

And since there are no “Do Not Enter” signs, and since there are some big holes in the fence slash wall, I will try to get closer on Saturday…


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