Child Abuse and Sexual Torture Case Continues

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The court is back in session in the matter of the worst child abuse and sexual torture case in the history of the Czech Republic. Six defendants are charged with several crimes and almost all of them might end up in jail for twelve years. The torture practices included cutting out a piece of flesh flash [sorry…when I type in a hurry, my typos are usually wrong words, coincidentally] of one of the victims’ buttocks.

On Thursday several interesting witnesses appeared in court. One of them was an employee of an asylum home for children were taken after they had been discovered in the “dark hole”. She testified that the boys had scars on their backs, or when they ate they said they didn’t even know some food, like apple pies.

The boys’ grandfather said he had been meeting his grandsons regularly until one day his daughter cut him off and he could no longer see them, and she claimed she had to re-educate them.

It is obvious that this destructive behavior of sect members affected everybody. One of the witnesses is a well-known theater actor from Brno whose little daughter’s DNA sample was taken by one of the defendants so it could be swapped with that of another defendants who had to pose as a little girl on several occasions. The actor said he had no idea…

What kind of a father are you, you idiot…

…to be updated…


On Friday the court heard several witnesses who were not directly involved in the torture but who know some of the defendants. An employee of a child asylum home testified she saw tiny scars on the body of the second boy who was not thought to be tortured at first. He said they were from a pet rodent’s claws since he would always carry his pet on his back and it would crawl back and forth.

And several other witnesses testified about numerous “cover stories” the defendants would use and present to explain the strange situations. Apparently one of the defendants had claimed that some intelligence agencies were involved with their sect.

This is getting creepier and creepier…


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  1. think u meant flesh…

    cutting out a piece of flash

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