They Helped A Car Accident Victim. Now They Might Be Sick

In Cars, Czechs on July 29, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

The police from a town near Brno are looking for people who were witnesses to a car accident in which a car hit a man who was jaywalking in the middle of the night. The man sustained serious injuries and was even unconscious for a while.

Doctors in hospital found out he suffers from a serious disease and people who were trying to save his life might have become infected.

Many Czechs don’t know the names of their MP’s but they will remember THIS for the rest of their lives and the next time they see an injured car accident victim, they will stay way back…or just walk away. One of the reasons is that most Czechs are mad about the healthcare reform that includes “hospital fees” for every day spent on a hospital bed. And ironically, even victims have to pay… I am a supporter of this reform, because without it the system will collapse soon, but this sucks…


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