Lowest Unemployment In 12 Years

In Economy on August 1, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

This is good news.

The unemployment figures are the lowest since 1996, the news server writes.

However, at the same time qualification requirements have been increasing as well. Some expert manual profession that one could do with an apprenticeship certificate in 1996 require vocational high school diploma now.

The unemployment rate is 4.5 now.

But the number of people who do not want to work and who would take any advantage of the nice social system has not been decreasing as fast. There are families who do the math and they realize that an unemployed mother of three who only went as fast as junior high can have the same money “for nothing” as she would have in a no-qualification-needed profession, like janitor etc.

I am afraid there is no political will to get rid of these lazy-ass people, considering the composition of the Czech Parliament. The Social Democrats and the Christian Democrats are not gonna raise their hands in favor of any proposal that would go against these “poorer” (but still lazy) voters.


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