Clients Of Street Hookers To Be Photographed

In Law, Life on August 7, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The city of Chomutov near the Czech-German border has big problems with street hookers who mostly “do their business” along the main avenue that is connected to the highway to Germany. The municipality came up with a novel instrument how to get rid of them. Any car that stops to solicit a prostitute will be photographed and the photo will be sent to the owner’s address and it will also be published on the Internet, local daily reports.

The clients of these hookers are mostly Germans. The city council hopes that they will be afraid of “public shame” and so they will no longer stop for the hookers. They will we warned in advance that the particular street is monitored by surveillance cameras, so that the whole idea complies with the Czech law on personal data protection.

To me it seems like an attempt to punish the clients. It is NOT against the law to seek services of a prostitute, and prostitution as such is LEGAL in the Czech Republic as well. What is NOT legal, though, is to offer these services at places that municipalities list as restricted. But these regulations are hard to enforce, city officials everywhere say.


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