China Fucked Up Completely

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This was the biggest mistake IOC has ever done and Jacques Rogge should offer his resignation and get back to rowing or any sport that he used to do.

Ever since Beijing won the Olympics, the Games have been an excuse for the regime to do the worst things, so that communists could say they are doing it for the good of the country and for the Games as such.

To-MAY-to, To-MAH-to. Or, once a totalitarian communist, always a totalitarian communist.

The communists have been imprisoning foreigners for expressing their opinion on Tibet in public. They even arrested a BBC reporter.

The communist police have been telling foreign journalists what they can take pictures of in a public place, they have ben covering lenses and pulling them violently from a scene of anything that can “hurt the image of the country”.

How come they do not seem to realize that this senseless oppression hurts the image EVEN MORE?

They screwed up with the whole world by showing a fake firework finale and a fake singing child.

They did not give up Internet censorship during the games.

Activists who are, well, politically incorrect, have at least house arrests.

There are empty bleachers during some events and the organizers would not allow people who are really interested in going. Instead, they will send fake spectators who have been trained and taught “crowd participation”. Just like Red-Square like parades where people had to wave at their communist leaders.

China fucked this up completely.


One Response to “China Fucked Up Completely”

  1. china..fucked up nation with no respect to people and moronic behavior to animals…damn shit to them….filthyhead scummers

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