A German And His Nazi Salute In Brno

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A German fan of motorbikes who arrived in Brno to watch the MotoGP race is in jail. A few moments after being interviewed by journalists from the Brnensky denik daily he walked around with his right hand doing the infamous Nazi salute. He was photographed, arrested and put to jail.

The event he was attending had nothing to do with Neonazi movement and he was “just” being stupid, or maybe he was drunk a little and he did not realize what he was doing. Which of course does not mean it is not dangerous behavior. According to Czech laws, he might end up in jail for three years, since he did it repeatedly and at a public place where he could have been seen by thousands of people.

According to an expert on extremist movements quoted by the daily, these charades are usually punished by hefty fines in Germany, so the man did not feel like it would be a big deal in the Czech Republic. Turns out the Czech penal code is way stricter than the German one.

UPDATE: The story was picked by Deutsche Press Agentur but unfortunately for my ex-colleagues DPA did not quote them but the Czech News Agengy that also picked it as a part of its daily-monitoring service. Schade.


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