I Don’t Want To Be 999,999th

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A lame attempt to make me click. Screenshot from

A lame attempt to make me click. Screenshot from

Some forms of Internet advertising are really pissing me off. One: animations that include sounds. Some creators purposefully fail to include the mute button on the applications that run over and over, so if you want to read a news article, which takes some time, you have to mute the entire computer, which is uncomfortable if you have ICQ, or Skype.

And then there are these you-win flashy things that are trying to convince you that out of the whole world visiting this particular site, you were 999,999th. Not one-millionth, but 999,999th. A certain website has been telling me the good news over the last ten days, even though I have been viewing it from three different computers, so that can not be a cookie-related issue.

I think the advertising creator who came up with this lame attempt should have his brain [or what is left of it] examined. But then again, I bet his philosophy is “if I convince at least 1 percent of viewers to click, it is a success”. Well, I don’t think so. As you can see the “you-win” message is in Czech but the site is completely in English.


2 Responses to “I Don’t Want To Be 999,999th”

  1. Sure it appeared in Czech, when you connect from the Czech Republic! Do you know the advertisement that says Sexy Dating in Prague! under a picture of a half-naked girl? Well, when you connect from London, the girl stays the same, only the text says Sexy Dating in London 😉

  2. Yep, I understand the tricky concept of targeted advertising. It is just surprising that they bother doing the ad language localiazions on all-English websites when it is obvious that their readers undestand English, so the “you are visitor number blah blah click here to claim your price” are just as undestandable. Maybe not as convincing, though… 🙂

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