The Conquest Of Brno. It Felt Like 1645

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In 1645 the Swedish army tried to conquest the city of Brno but the city was able to defend itself. For the last thirteen years fans of history dress up to show the re-enactment of the battle. Coincidentally this cultural event, part of which are historical markets, takes place the the same time as the MotoGP Grand Prix and therefore it is a big magnet for employees of the racing teams who have a few hours off to visit downtown Brno.

I checked the prices of ice cream and other “tourist items” yesterday and I will check them again tomorrow to see whether some businessmen upped their prices just on the aforementioned occasion when the city was full of foreigners…


5 Responses to “The Conquest Of Brno. It Felt Like 1645”

  1. I’m new to the history of the Czech Republic. Sweden’s army marched across the northern tier of Europe to lay seige to Brno. Why? Thanks from us at

  2. Also, forgot to mention, now that the Russians are on the march, are people in Czech Republic nervous? 1968 all over again?

  3. DANIEL: The “battle of Brno” [this is an unofficial title] was a part of the Thirty Years’ War [] that was fought all over Europe. The Swedish tried to siege the city so the “celebrations” are to remind the “heroic citizens” etc.

    As for the Russians, Czechs are not nervous. The conflict that takes place now is between Russia and its former republic[s]. And as usual with the former “southern Russia” there are pro-Moscow forces and there are separatist forces. It has nothing to do with the 1968 occupation, even though some politicians mentioned there are some similarities. Russia is said to have invaded Georgia “to protect its citizens”. In 1968 Russia invaded Czechoslovakia to maintain the Moscow-style communism and to stop the reforms.

  4. Petr,

    Thank you for the info and the link. Still, I fear for places like the Czech Republic. Who will stand against the Russians once they are on the march?

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