Czech Republic To Welcome iPhone On Friday

In Economy, Entertainment, Media, Music, Technology on August 19, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: ,

The new iPhone 3G should be on sale on Friday.

Two cell phone operators have introduced their prices and rates and fees.

Vodafone’s just-the-gadget price [not linked to a monthly tariff] will be CZK 11,977 [a little under $800, or EUR 479].

I hope I am not getting older 🙂 but I don’t quite understand why people are so crazy about this piece of technology. Sure, it combines music with phone with Internet etc. etc. But how often do you need all the gadgets at the same time? And how often do you “need to use the Internet right now, or the world will stop turning”?

I already have a cell phone, I already have a digital camera (Canon 30D, plus a smaller one), and I already have a small MP3 player. All of them weigh a few grams [well the big camera does not, but that is an exception] and I can carry one, or two, at the same time whenever I need them.

And given that I am at work all day, connected to the Internet. If I am not at work, I enjoy culture, friends, sports, outdoors, coffee places. And I know that if I really NEED Internet, public Internet rooms are within a few minutes walking distance.

I am a huge fan of technology, having worked for all three major forms of mass media, but I am afraid the iPhone will own you, not the other way around. Once your colleagues or bosses become aware of the fact that you own one, there go your excuses. 🙂

And there is one more typically Czech attitude: the “it is new so I want to have it” attitude of rich spoiled brats aged 12 to 18. I will bet that more than 50 percent of the first-wave users will be teenagers. A cell phone has to have a specific target group. iPhone pretends to be for everybody which I am sure is the reason why some adults will decide to pass on this, especially since iPhone will probably become an expensive toy for the aforementioned brats.

How can you tell? Just see who will stand in line for the midnight great sale opening…


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