Some Czech Roma Decided To Misuse The Canadian Social System. Again

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About 500 Czech Roma went to Canada to seek asylum, the Pravo daily writes, quoting a memorandum of Interior Minister Ivan Langer. It is expected that this number will increase.

Approximately a decade ago we had the same situation, as a result of which Canada introduced visa for Czechs, in order to stop the influx. Czech Roma sought asylum claiming they had been discriminated. And while waiting for their applications to be processed, they were entitled to Canadian social benefits and many of them still kept their welfare benefits “back home”.

The Roma are making a huge mistake and I am afraid the majority society will develop even stronger negative attitude towards them: Czechs who decide to change their lives and live abroad NORMALLY find a job there and THEN they move. Or they just go there and offer their knowledge and experience, or just anything they have to offer.

Nope, many Czech Roma just go to Canada BECAUSE THEY KNOW how much the welfare benefits are. Ten years ago Canada introduced visa, by which its government said Roma had in fact been abusing the system. And now it’s back…

The discussion forum underneath the article has been cancelled. No surprise there…


2 Responses to “Some Czech Roma Decided To Misuse The Canadian Social System. Again”

  1. […] instance, Petr Bokuvka, a Czech journalist, seems to echo these views in a recent blog post about Czech Roma seeking asylum in Canada. The Roma are making a huge mistake and I am afraid the […]


    Hi, while I would agree that we can talk about prejudice when it comes to Roma, I would not really agree that I echo the views that you are talking about. The reason why I am hugely upset is not that “Roma steal on trams” [which is hasty generalization which a person who used to date an African-American girl while attending a high school in the US should know a little about], but —

    — that Canada will most likely apply the hasty generalization principle towards all Czechs by re-introducing the visas, IF and WHEN Roma start leaving to Canada to apply for asylum status. I maintain that many of them [definitely not all of them] pick Canada because of its open-arms social policies. This happened before, and there is evidece thereof.

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