Newborn’s Life Is Worth 800 Thousand, A Court Said

In Law, Life on August 29, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , ,

A Czech married couple sued a hospital over the death of their newborn baby. A court ruled Thursday that the hospital should pay them CZK 400,000 each, i.e. CZK 800,000 in total. For your information, it is $53,000.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

The court ruled that the baby died when it suffered burns after it had been placed on a faulty heater mat that is used to keep babies warm.

How do you put a price tag on a dead baby???

If you are a judge, how do you tell a parent “No, you don’t deserve THAT MUCH MONEY, I am awarding you only THIS MUCH. To explain this, the parents sued for three million, which is $200,000. What kind of a jerk says, Nope, too much. Such cases should be simple. You took our baby, the court of appeals found you guilty, tell us what you want and we will give it to you. I know it doesn’t really fit within the crime-and-punishment scheme, but hey: they killed your baby.

According to the judge, one of the reasons why the couple did not get the money they wanted was that the newborn baby was not their only child.



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