Getting To Know Swedish

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I tried to learn Swedish by myself. Its grammar, pronunciation and other things seemed complicated. Now, after one week of a course it seems much easier. A lot of things make sense. And after one week, I am able to ask basic questions, say how I am doing, etc. Here’s a little “my ordinary day assignment” I was able to put together. This is for my Swedish readers 🙂

Jag varknar klockan sex. Jag har muessli eller bröd med tunfisk till frukost. Jar går till jobbet. Mitt jobb år på Gorkeho gatan. Jag jobbar som översättare. Klockan tvart över två år jag hemma. Därefter går jag till Hotel International. Jag gillar bassängen där; eller går jar fotograferar. I kväll ringer jag min flickvån.

Scandinavian languages are really interesting, I must say…


One Response to “Getting To Know Swedish”

  1. Here in Peru, Swedish is not so popular. I guess being far away countries is the cause. But I’m impressed by the way you managed to write a whole paragraph after just a week (even though I just could figure out one or two words).
    I love to learn new languages, but I’ve never managed to learn one by myself.
    I really hope you can make lots of progress!

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