Former Pornstar Endorses the Civic Democrats In the Upcoming Regional Government Elections

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Paula Wild is a former Czech pornstar.

She quit and now she has her own business in the beauty and cosmetics industry. She is said to have her salon in Brno.

A while ago she promoted the Civic Democrats in the upcoming regional government elections in the region of Vysocina — in a political rally turned football/soccer match. After the match the future top politicians (regional councillors) took a picture of the team with Paula posing in the middle, where the goaltender usually sits (yes, the typical team photo).

And you know what? It is gonna work.

And here is why having a (former) pornstar endorsing your party campaign will work in this country.

  • We all do it. Sex is not partisan, with the exception of Christian Democrats. Civic Democrats are a right-wing party, but the same idea would easily work with the social democrats as well. Primitive tabloid newspapers with topless girls and similar topics are generally more read by the working-class people who vote social democrats.
  • This country is 70-percent atheist. The separation of church and state works extremely well in the normal daily lives. People do not think nudity is a sin. Kids are not taught that your body is something to be ashamed of. Sex education is fact-based and is not taught by clergymen. People are open-minded and anything but uptight.
  • Many people think politics is garbage anyway, so unorthodox practices might attract audience. Another thing is that a normal politician would NOT want a voter who gets attracted only by a former pornstar, but hey, they are not perfect. American presidents pick their running-mate vicepresidents who they think will help them win. Whatever works for ya

The region in question is not the one where I am registered (as a permanent resident). But I will follow the stats and results very closely…

2 Responses to “Former Pornstar Endorses the Civic Democrats In the Upcoming Regional Government Elections”

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