Good Luck, New Orleans

In World on September 1, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka

Good luck, New Orleans!

Monday’s paper here in the Czech Republic. The main headline reads: “New Orleans – A City On The Run”

Parents of my “host family” I stayed with during my high school studies in the States live in Houma, LA now. I hope they are safe…

I noticed CNN sent its best reporter to New Orleans. I am telling you, if some flying object hits and kills Anderson Cooper, you will lose a viewer…


3 Responses to “Good Luck, New Orleans”

  1. Awwwwwwww, thanks for caring!

  2. Caring? I am scared for you/them!!! I don’t think I could live in a place that experiences recurring natural disasters, like the whole of Midwest (tornadoes), the South (tornadoes) or California coastline (earthquakes, forest fires). I know, what’s left, eh? New England, maybe? I do like Vermont or New Hampshire…

  3. As a native Californian, I can assure you our natural disasters aren’t that big a problem. Earthquakes are an infrequent phenomenon, and building codes here are the most stringent to protect against quakes. But a lot of it has to do with location and proximity to major fault lines. If you can stand a sudden, unexpected shake from time to time, the quakes aren’t a problem.

    Fires and mudslides are another case of where you live being the difference. If you aren’t on a hillside or close to dry brush, you don’t have to worry about it.

    California’s biggest problem is just that there are way too many people. I think most of the major environmental and quality of life issues (traffic, housing prices, etc.) would be resolved if you got rid of probably three-quarters of the population.

    I saw live reports this morning from Houma, and there was some property damage from tree debris, roofing, fencing, etc., but it didn’t look too bad so far. But I guess the issue with Katrina wasn’t so much from when the storm passed through as soon afterward when the levees began to breach.

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