Education Minister: We Gotta Be Stricter On Bullies With Phone Cams

In Education & Science, Law, Technology on September 7, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , ,

Still more and more Czech JUNIOR HIGH (!) and high school students use their cell phones to make footage of their professors in class and to make fun of them by posting the vids on YouTube.

The Czech Education Ministry calls this cyber bullying and the minister wants to introduce new measures to “hunt down and punish” these bullies, in order to protect the teachers.

There have been attempts to introduce codes of conduct, part of which were provisions forbidding the use of phones in schools. Pupils did not give a damn and they kept using them.

Teachers can not “confiscate” the phone, because they are pupils’ private property, and it would border robbery and smart-ass lawyers could take these pupil-teacher disputes to courts. The fact that a pupil uses a phone after being told not to is not more serious than “confiscation” by the teacher.

As usual, some common sense measures and solutions make a lot more sense, as one can see from the discussion forum underneath the article. A pupil who fiddle with his or her phone in class, or who even makes a phone cam video, should be called for oral examination immediately, a reader suggests. After getting three F’s during one semester, he or she would know better next time.

I am not quite sure this would work all the time. Some kids, even junior high or high school students, are unable to analyze what consequences their behavior might have in the long run.


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