Tiny bottle of water costs seven dollars. Want some?

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Two Czech businessmen who run most restaurants at Prague Ruzyne Airport sold their company to Gruppo Save – an Italian company that operates small airports in Italy. Petr Conek and Pavel Dvorak have very strange ideas about doing business.

Here is why:

Water .2L - CZK 115 - $7.10
Espresso - CZK 120 - $7.50
Tuna sandwich - CZK 180 - $11.25
Fruit shake- CZK 175 - $10.90
Strawberry pie - CZK 180 - $11.25
Mojito - CZK 205 - $12.80
Pilsner Beer .3LCZK 90 - $5.60
Coke .2L - CZK 85 - $5.30
Wine .2L - CZK 140 - $8.75
Source: iDNES

If you think “well, nobody forces you to eat and drink there”, that is not entirely true. These prices apply at the gate areas, after the travellers have passed the check-in procedure. Quite often they are stranded there due to departure delays. There is only one drinking fountain in every departure hall, which is absolutely insufficient, considering there are ten gates [of course, not all of them used, but still…]. Charging seven dollars for a tiny bottle of water, knowing that this is the only source as people are not allowed to bring bottles through the security check, that is extortion. The airport administration hopes that the new owner might do something with the prices.

How naive. The Italian company bought THIS company because it is an excellent money machine. Why would they reduce the prices? They do not give a damn about Czechs.


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