Babies switched at birth: Parents sue for 12M

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Noone has ever taken their case to a court to demand this much money. But these people are different. Two couples sue for twelve million crowns (slightly under $1 million) because their newborn daughters had been switched in the maternity ward and the parents found out months later.

In September 2007 one of the fathers underwent DNA testing because his buddies were mocking him that he is not the father of “his” daughter. The tests proved so. First he attacked his wife because he thouhg she had cheated on him, but later an investigation started, revealing that the second affected couple lived nearby.

After weeks and months of hesitation the couples switched the babies back. After months of breastfeeding and raising and calling the girls names they had come up with “for another baby”.

This is a civil proceeding and the couples sue the hospital for “emotional harm”. They have one lawyer and they demand six million each.

The Trebic Hospital think this is too much [duh! –ed.]. Its lawyer said earlier that the hospital was willing to pay only CZK 600,000 altoghether – in an out-of-court settlement.

This is a ridiculous amount, you idiot. Divide it by two, and then by the number of days, to get a “symbolical” price of one day of taking care of another couple’s baby. But then again, how do you put a price tag on a baby? It is tough. But saying that some amount is “too much” is laugh out loud ignorant.

According to applicable law, the lump sum for unfortunate death at a hospital is CZK 240,000, the lawyer was quoted as saying. “There is no such settlement for switching babies”, he said.

UPDATE: One of the wives said in court that he had to attend therapies after she had switched the babies. Her therapist had suggested her to build a grave in the garden which was to “absorb the sorrow from the lost baby”, whereas “lost” means “other woman’s baby she had been taking care of for months”…



2 Responses to “Babies switched at birth: Parents sue for 12M”

  1. It very disturbing to find out its not your baby after all that time.

  2. I am not surprısıng to anything. But thanks..

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