The Czech euthanasia controversy: Upper House says no

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The Czech Senate [upper house of the Parliament, 81 Senators] rejected the draft bill on legalizing euthanasia.

Among the people who oppose it is the Health Minister Tomas Julinek, whose arguments are hugely inconsistent.

He says I can not imagine preparing laws the purpose of which is to improve the public health and at the same time accepting such a thing as euthanasia.

Well, I admit he does what he says, but when it comes to strict protection of public health, it is not as hot as he says — with his efforts. I don’t remember him introducing a bill that would forbid smoking in ALL public places.

Another minister argued, generally speaking, that legalizing euthanasia goes against the “right to live”.

Now, this is a load of crap. You DO have the right to live, but if your expectations are nonexistent when it comes to LIFE, and if you are told so by doctors, you have to right to jump under a train, or off a bridge. How does it make euthanasia different? Well, at least you can die with some dignity.

The euthanasia law is one out of few that are, let’s say, individual-specific. Meaning that the law would regulate individual behavior that does not affect the rights of anyone but that particular person. So why not?


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  1. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you chosen it again?

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