Czech military records and files are still in Slovakia

In Law, Politics on September 22, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , , , , ,


arFormer President Vaclav Havel, current head of state Vaclav Klaus, top Czech politicians. All of them served their mandatory army service (one or two years) during the pre-1989 communist era Czechoslovakia.

Their military records were stored and filed in the archives in the town of Trnava, Slovakia. The country split up. But the archives did not. And so, among the files of ordinary people nobody really cares about, there are files on our political leaders. Stored in a foreign country…

I did a news story on this issue a few years ago when I worked for this TV station. And according to my recent information nothing has changed.

The reason why this should concern people is simple. When it comes to politicians, the files might include special training data which might contradict the politicians’ current opinions and policies and decisions.

The shelves are more than 36 kilometers long, I found out back in 2001 when I did the story. The Czech Intelligence Agency, BIS, is said to have acquired all such files for their agents, operatives, and other employees. And professional soldiers who have served for a longer period of time than since 1989 have their own files, too…


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