I Would Vote For Obama. If I Was An American…

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In terms of Czech politics and its right and left, I am definitely “right” (this level of politics is represented by the Civic Democrats – this link is in Enlish…).

But in terms of the American politics, I would vote for Obama. Just like I would have voted for Clinton…

And it is not just because John McCain is old. Or that his running mate is a very bad pick, on which I agree almost 99 percent with Matt Damon (on the situation of Sarah Palin “facing” Vladimir Putin, or whether she really thinks that “dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago” because “if John McCain dies in office, which is more than likely, she will have the nuclear codes”).

I agree with Fareed Zakaria who says that Palin is utterly unqualified to be the vice president, in terms of foreign policy

McCain thought he had chosen someone who will make him look good in the eyes of “normal people”. The Putin comment has made Palin totally unqualified to be a leader of anything but a small-town fire station that puts out small kitchen fires and saves kittens from tall trees. That is all she is capable of doing…

I hate the thing that the Republicans are totally incapable of the separation of church and state. I am afraid that GWB’s foreign policy has been largely discussed with what he calls God, and that Palin will do the same thing, and she will call it foreign policy proficiency.

And even though I think that everybody is responsible for their own destiny [with some individual exceptions], I think America does need a little “Democrat treatment”. If you don’t like your job, don’t strike, but ask for a raise and if you don’t get it, find a new job. That’s what I think the Republicans [wealthier Americans, generally speaking] would say…

But at this point, what the the Republicans are doing is a certain form of socialization of economy. The only thing that is left to make them remain Republicans is that it is not guaranteed the profits from the 700bn recovery plan will become the state budget income item…


One Response to “I Would Vote For Obama. If I Was An American…”

  1. If I were American, I definitely vote for Obama too. But as a Peruvian, all I can do is watch the process from home.
    GWB bankrupted every single company he ran. He received a country and now he returns it bankrupted. I guess that’s the price you pay when you fight a war just because you feel as if you have to fight it. The only thing is that we are all paying the price.
    I’ve heard a saying: when the US get a cold, the whole world sneezes.
    Let’s wait for November… let’s expect this time Americans know better.
    Best regards from Peru!

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