Why So Many Czech (Pre)Teens Like Miley Cyrus

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Several Czech music hit charts place Miley Cyrus’ hit Seven Things second or even as Number One. And since it is a generally known fact that Czech teen boys would not bother sending votes to a chick they do not know (and will never meet in person), I think it is safe to say that 99 percent of the votes come from girls aged 12-17.

Being a rebellious teenager is very hard in this country. If you hear life stories of celebrities in the U.S. who “left home when they were 16 and have been on their own ever since”, that can never happen in the Czech Republic. And 99.9 rebellious girls are half brats, half bitches. Czech teens can only dream about the level of independence (not the actual one, but the theoretical one).

It is a combination of many factors that makes families closer even after kids graduate from high schools. A rebellious teenager who acts like a big mouth when taking to her father/mother [depending on whom she hates more] can graduate from a high school, but then she either goes to a university that is heavily funded by the people she hates, or she stays home, having found a job that no way in hell allows her to find her own place to live — considering the recent development on the real estate market.

Miley Cyrus is everything Czech girls are not. Sure, the question is whether she would be Miley Cyrus the star, had there not been for the Achy Breaky Guy Billy Ray. I dare to say that given the she is an American and she has a pretty good voice and looks, she would succeed anyway.

A typical Czech teen rebel would bitch about her parents and curfews and related issues [teens are not allowed to drive here…], but she would not find a part-time job and she would always beg for more money beyond her usual allowance on the same day… Miley is a “perfect” opinion leader for such girls. Please note I am not saying “role model”, because that would be inaccurate, considering Czech girls…

They might JUST like the music…somebody might argue. Nope. When it comes to U.S. stars and their Czech teen audiences, nobody JUST likes the music.


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