Outlaw road race in progress in the Czech Republic. Police: We can not do much

In Cars, Law, Life on September 30, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , ,

Arrogant rich SOB’s try their fast expensive cars on the main Czech D1 freeway, the spine and spinal cord of the Czech road transportation. The Cannonball-Run-like race ends in the city of Kromeriz, where the racers are expected to turn around and go back to Prague.

The Czech police say they are not preparing any special measures. There is no way their cars would be able to measure themselves with those involved in the case. So no high-speed chases. No roadblocks. All they can do is fine the fast shitheads and give them a ticket that also serves as a subpoena to a traffic offense office that processes he traffic violations.

Yeah, right. I am sure the Cannon Ball-ers will go there. The reason why they decided to race here is that almost nothing can happen to them. In some European countries people who drive way too fast have their cars CONFISCATED.


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