Sarah Palin is an unprepared dope, aka Why not vote for McCain

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When Matt Damon said that Sarah Palin is like a really bad Disney movie, I thought that is as far as one can get in terms of metaphors of a bad VP nominee. Nope. Bill Maher totally speaks my language when he says that Sarah Palin is an unprepared dope and that she should hand out peanuts on a Delta Air flight.

From a point of view of an open-minded European who studied in the U.S. and has a first-hand experience with ordinary Americans of all ages, I think I can articulate two more politically correct reasons why voting for McCain/Palin will have disastrous consequences for the U.S.


She really believes everything she has read, or was read to her, in the Bible. She does seem to think that the world was created 5,000 years ago, “with a talking snake in the garden” [Maher]. What America needs now is a president who will focus on normal problems of normal people. There is a saying in the Czech regional politics: a sidewalkthat needs to be repaired is not blue [color of the Civic Democrats], nor orange [Social Democrats], nor red [Communists] nor black [Christian Democrats]. Therefore, voters should NOT focus on her personal values, but on how she listens to theirs. It is time to stop pointing out the FACT that she is “a good Christian”… An atheist president can be a better president for religious people than the other way round. A religious president can have his or her country doomed just because of what he or she read in the Bible at the age of six. Sure, Obama might believe in God too, but he is not a Bible boy.


No doubt that women in politics do make a difference. No doubt that they can enforce legislation and other forms of the decision-making process that men would never enforce. But that can work only on certain levels. Angela Merkel is the Chancellor of Germany that has a male president. There are dozens of female MEP’s [Members of the European Parliament]. BUT they are all a part of the whole political “machinery”.

President Palin, who will indeed have the nuclear codes [Damon] will be “the most powerful person in the world”. She will HAVE TO meet world leaders who think women have fewer rights than dogs, she will not be credible, she will not be able to convince slightly less powerful MEN, e.g. the president of Iran. So, simply and pragmatically speaking, she is no use to the international politics already…


One Response to “Sarah Palin is an unprepared dope, aka Why not vote for McCain”

  1. I used to read your blog all the time, but your ignorant comments on McCain/Palin are driving me away. You said you would vote for Obama — You Dope!!!!!!!! I can’t believe you spent any time living in the US.

    By the way, my husband is a naturalized American born in the Czech Republic and he is for McCain.

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