Do not eat at McDonald’s, activists said

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Wednesday afternoon, downtown Brno...

Wednesday afternoon, downtown Brno...

McDonald’s means murder, eating this junk food is terribly bad for your health, you should see your future burgers [cowns and chickens] in large rooms with no light, fresh grass or air. And if you haven’t seen SuperSize Me, you really should. These are some arguments that four activists were yelling out today in front of McDonald’s restaurant in downtown Brno.

I do eat at McDonald’s. I like the meat they serve. I don’t eat there on a daily basis and my BMI is lower than it should be, and my blood pressure is OK, so no worries there…

What I don’t like about these activists is that they will say ANYTHING what they think will make their point. So they mix what you might call facts with statistics, propaganda, thoughts, unqualified opinion, and lies.

They claim that McDonald’s grows cereals to feed “its cows”, whereas these cereals should have been grown to make bread to feed the hungry. That, I dare to say, is way off. It is like me saying that the battery the girl used in the bullhorn she yelled into could have been used to power a flashlight in some shed in Central Africa at night.. Sure, McDonald’s is not the most consumer-friendly meal provider, but if anyone wants to protest against it, the campaign should not cover EVERYTHING. Especially the fact that it serves food to people who decided to eat it.

Why the hell does this vegan girl care what I eat?


2 Responses to “Do not eat at McDonald’s, activists said”

  1. Maybe the girl just wanted to make her point… at the expense of everyone else.
    As you say, I eat junk food sometimes too. But here in Peru, the best burgers don’t come from MacDonald’s nor Burger King. We have a local brand, Bembos. It is so good! Bembos comes from bemba, a mouth with very large lips. And when something is widely known just because rumour has it, we say that the source is Radio Bemba.
    I hope these comments don’t disturb you nor the whole point of your nice blog. It’s just a way to share a little bit of my country with you.
    Best regards!

  2. hy, Do something for help those hungry people in Africa and India,
    I added this blog about that subject:

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