Tampa Bay and Rangers will play in Prague Saturday. Finally some normal ice hockey in the Czech Republic

In Sports on October 2, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , , , , ,

As you know some NHL teams tour the globe to play their “opening matches” of the new NHL season outside the United States. Excellent idea. Prague will see Rangers vs. Lightning game on Saturday. Most tickets are terribly expensive but the theory of the organizers is simple: people who really want to see the game will pay this much money. And people who prefer to watch the game live on TV will stay home anyway.

The ice is unbelievably white.

That is because during the regular Czech hokey season the ice rink is covered with logos of the league sponsors. And not just the rink/ice, but also the players’ uniforms. If you think there is any team spirit and pride visible on them, forget it. They are laugh-out-loud pathetic.

If there is anything I really love about USA, it is the sport-related patriotism. Most guys wear baseball hats, and even college football games are “sold out”.

Not in the Czech Republic. Team NAMES have THE NAMES OF THEIR FUCKING SPONSORS IN THEM. There is one ice hockey team that plays the top league that has a name of a WINDOW MANUFACTURER in it. Imagine an example: Hertz Chicago Blackhawks. Or Los Angeles Procter and Gamble Kings… That’s how Czech teams are named…

Sure. Money talks…

But its pathetic… and sad…

So for the upcoming season, let me just say….


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