Czech college life: not enough dorms

In Economy, Education & Science on October 13, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

It is the same every year. Thousands of students apply for college dorm rooms, thousands receive an “application rejected”. Czech colleges have a system according to which rooms are assigned. Several years ago the system was based mainly on the distance between the town and the applicant’s home.

Hundreds of students would rather cheat and they registered their permanent address let’s say at their aunt and uncle’s in a town further away, in order to qualify for a dorm room.

Later somebody realized that the system was not fair: a student who is from Prague [200 kilometers from Brno] can TECHNICALLY get to school easier than a student from a town that is just 100 kilometers away, just because there are buses going every 20 minutes. But you can not commute 400 kilometers a day anyway, so this argument was nonsense either way.

And so now Czech colleges and universities have more sophisticated systems. But that is no good if the number of dorm rooms is insufficient, AND if the prices are so high that if three students get together and lease a two-bedroom apartment, they pay almost the same price. With a great advantage: no damn rules.

On the other hand, it should be noted that THERE IS NO TUITION AT PUBLIC COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES HERE. Yep. We study for free…


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