Czech regional district elections: Social Democrats are damn manipulators

In Politics on October 16, 2008 by Petr Bokuvka Tagged: , ,

Czechs will elect their regional/district councilors this weekend. The Czech Republic is divided into 14 districts/regions in which the winner gets to appoint its governor.

Unfortunately, many Czechs are stupid.

Unfortunately, many voters of Social Democrats are stupid.

They are people who need politicians to do things for them that they should attempt to do themselves. Their attitude can be easily described as Gimme gimme gimme.

And the Social Democrats, in order to win these elections, decided to manipulate and lie.

They promise things that have NOTHING TO DO WITH REGIONAL GOVERNMENT AUTHORITIES. They promise things that can only be decided on the Parliamentary level.

They promise things that POLITICIANS CAN NOT AFFECT, like prices of foodstuffs. These prices are determined by the free MARKET. Social Democrats claim that it is the current government that is to blame for the increasing prices.

And the simple people who often vote for Social Democrats are buying it.

I know everyone is entitled to their political beliefs. But many Czechs who vote for Social Democrats have NO political beliefs. They have no life. They often think their life sucks. They want politicians to improve it. They will do nothing themselves.

Czech Social Democrats are fucking manipulators and liars. And if they win these elections, it will mean that most Czechs have given up personal responsibility in exchange for we-will-take-care-of-you cheap promises.

If you are familiar with “social democrats” in Western Europe, or in such advanced democracies like Sweden, etc. this argument is no good here. Czech social democrats have almost nothing in common with them, especially in terms of their promises and the social system we live in…. or the one they are promising…


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